6. mar. 2009

Beautiful flower (- YOU are!)

This is a song for every girl who’s
Ever been through something she thought she couldn’t make it through
I sing these words because
I was that girl too
Wanting something better than this
But who do I turn to

Now we’re moving from the darkness into the light
This is the defining moment of our lives

‘Cause you’re beautiful like a flower
More valuable than a diamond
You are powerful like a fire
You can heal the world with your mind

There is nothing in the world that you cannot do
When you believe in you, who are beautiful
Yeah, you, who are brilliant
Yeah, you, who are powerful
Yeah, you, who are resilient

This is a song for every girl who
Feels like she is not special
‘Cause she don’t look like a supermodel, Coke bottle
The next time the radio tells you to shake your moneymaker
Shake your head and tell them, tell them you’re a leader

- India Arie -

Lar en av mine største favoritter (India Arie) synge oss inn i helgen! Nyt!

3 kommentarer:

Lavendelheimen sa...

Så nydelig. Tusen takk!! Den vil jeg jammen gi videre... Ha en super helg, mange gode ønsker til deg. stor klem!

Camilla Jørgine sa...

N Y D E L I G sang!
No veit eg kva artist som står øverst å ønskelista!!

God helg til deg og Mr.T :)
Klem Cam

Marihøna sa...

Vakker og deilig sang. God helg!